The first time the future Reverend Dan hit the airwaves was in 1972, when he appeared on the Top-40 stalwart KKDJ, making an on-air request. The last time was probably a few days ago, hosting the award-winning radio program Music for Nimrods, which he proudly calls “America’s Only Rock & Roll Radio Show”. Reflecting that description, inspired by the legendary rock rag Creem, Dan’s show does in fact celebrate music with a similar jittery Creem-like crackle, showcasing those moments when Rock & Roll becomes intoxicating, unpredictable and empowering. Rock & Roll is all about the attitude, says the good Reverend, which explains why his playlists are as likely to include such atypical Rock & Rollers as James Brown, Johnny Cash and Raymond Scott as well as The Lords of Altamont, The Ramones and The MC5. His is a show that equally pleases both kinds of Nimrods: the discerning Rock & Roll aficionado AND the hoodlum partygoer on the business end of a vodka luge.

Dan grew up in Long Beach, California, raised on a sensible 1970’s diet of radio pioneers Dr. Demento and Rodney Bingenheimer. He was inspired to record his own radio shows with his childhood friends for their fictitious station KRUD. The practice would pay off in High School, when he was asked to DJ a Youth Center dance. Armed with his portable record player, his father’s stereo system and his brother’s Fender amplifier, the young Reverend assaulted his fellow teens with Kiss, Aerosmith, and Ramones. His first steady involvement with broadcast radio came in 1995, when he landed at job as an engineer at the L.A. area Pacifica station KPFK. At this time, Dan was also holding down a job at United Parcel Service, training new employees on the graveyard shift. His unique training strategy included keeping the recruits awake by showing Kung Fu and John Waters movies between training videos. But back at the station, it wasn’t long before he became the fill-in DJ known as Dan the Board-Op. In 1996, he created Music For Nimrods, a radio celebration of pure Rock & Roll in its many dissimilar styles. Later, after a five-minute registration at the Universal Life Church website, Reverend Dan was born. In 2000, the program was invited to join the lineup at the Loyola Marymount University radio station KXLU. Three years later, Reverend Dan’s Music For Nimrods would win the LA Weekly Music Award for Best Radio Show.

Over the past decade, Reverend Dan has established himself as a unique fixture on the L.A. scene. His arcane knowledge of Rock & Roll and its degenerate cousins (vintage cultural artifacts, fetish culture, underground celebrities, monster movies, cult TV, Southern California lore) have made him an in-demand host and DJ at a growing number of events, from music festivals to roller derby showdowns. With his signature opening line “How The Hell Are You, Hoodlums!” it’s Dan’s unbridled enthusiasm, coupled with his on-target survey of the best grit of all time and the best of the new grit you haven’t heard yet, that sets him apart from the crowd. At a time when Rock & Roll has been overanalyzed, dissected, and sentimentalized to the point that it lay limp and lifeless on the turntables, L.A. is lucky to have Reverend Dan around to remind us on a weekly basis what Rock & Roll is supposed to be about…fun.

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